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An Online Marketing Management System and Production Process

With the rapid growth of emerging media, consumers are constantly bombarded with information and are harder to reach than ever before. Therefore, organizations and agencies alike are faced with the challenge to do more with less. For many, this has resulted in sacrificing marketing initiatives and reducing or eliminating the use of specific channels.

For that reason Tukaiz developed Backstage, an online marketing management system and production process, to support organizations in their efforts to spend smart and stretch their marketing budget.

What will Backstage do for me?

Backstage provides a convenient and centralized system for franchisees, sales agents, distributors, and marketing/agency teams to manage and order custom and/or pre-approved marketing materials. According to recent study by the CMO Council, by simply streamlining the production process and eliminating costly inventory organizations have reduced cost up to 30%.

Standard Production Process





Utilizing Backstage as a marketing management system also allows users the ease of customizing marketing materials for their specific market(s). Rest assured, template driven customization ensures the brand you work so hard to build and protect will not be tarnished. With Backstage geographically or demographically targeted marketing is simple and risk free with the right balance of control and flexibility.

Streamlining your marketing efforts reduces cost and eliminates waste, but managing your marketing goes beyond production to ROI. Many times local/regional marketing efforts are hard to track. With Backstage you receive the data necessary to track, measure, and analyze these efforts and ultimately increase your marketing ROI.

Why Tukaiz?

Backstage by Tukaiz utilizes our diverse capabilities and various output devices to provide a robust marketing solution that helps reduce costs, control brands, and track marketing efforts. From software development to asset management, print production, kit-packing and fulfillment, Tukaiz powers the process with seamless integration all under one roof.

With the ability to develop your solution and produce all your materials, Tukaiz ensures your marketing management system truly fits your needs, your business, and your budget.

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