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Tukaiz Environmental Impact Statement

Tukaiz is committed to our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce production waste, recycle, and innovate with respect to environmentally responsible opportunities.  We encourage you to utilize our experience and capabilities to help support and compliment your environmentally sustainability initiatives.

2010 Tukaiz Energy Efficiency Savings Project:

Tukaiz completed an energy conservation project to the lighting system throughout the Tukaiz campus. The results make the lighting in all the buildings more energy efficient than the “standard building model” in ASHRAE 90.1-2001, including:

  • Tukaiz Energy & Pollution Reductions per EPA:
    • 168,214 kWh energy reduced on an annual basis
    • 117 tons CO2 / 434 lbs. SO2 / 1,645 lbs. NOx reductions of greenhouse gas on an annual basis
  • Tukaiz Conservation Equivalents per EPA:
    • 21 cars off the road for one year OR
    • 3,004 trees absorbing pollution for 10 years

2012 Tukaiz Recycling:

  • 833,129 lbs of paper
  • 965,936 lbs of plastic
  • 21,600 lbs of aluminum
  • 118,666 lbs of corrugated
  • 453,148 lbs of mix/chip/foam
  • 13,132 lbs of poly
  • 7,508 lbs glue

Tukaiz Technology:

  • We research the environmental impact of the equipment & consumables.
  • We identify options that help to improve our sustainability efforts without compromising quality and efficiency.
  • Utilize soft proofing to save on time, material and shipping.
  • When appropriate, utilize UV or Soy based inks or coatings in offset, flatbed and digital printing.
  • Apply color management science to assure brand equity on all media types.

Tukaiz Substrates and Chain of Custody:

  • Tukaiz has experience printing on green alternative / eco-friendly substrates (recycled content, recyclable, and biodegradable materials).
  • Tukaiz is a Chain of Custody (COC) tri-certified supplier, adhering to a set of standards promoting sustainable forestry management.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 
    • Tukaiz FSC certificate # BV-COC-080113
    • License # FSC C015212
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
    • Tukaiz SFI certificate # BV-SFICOC-US08000018
    • License # SFi -00245


Learn more by visiting our Chain of Custody (COC) Certification info sheet.