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Backstage™ by Tukaiz

An Online Marketing Management System and Production Process for corporations and advertising agencies.

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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

im_thumb.jpg Advertisers and marketers will always look for new ways to reach their audiences. Tukaiz has proven solutions that do just that! In this section, we would like to show how we have used printed direct mail in conjunction with the internet to give consumers a very unique experience that draws in their attention. For sake of demo purposes, we have used our own marketing programs to show you what we mean. By using print and the internet in a marketing campaign, you can give recipients a completely unique and personalized experience that is relevant to them.

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Backstage by Tukaiz

backstagelogo.png An Online Marketing Management System and Production Process

With the rapid growth of emerging media, consumers are constantly bombarded with information and are harder to reach than ever before. Therefore, organizations and agencies alike are faced with the challenge to do more with less. For many, this has resulted in sacrificing marketing initiatives and reducing or eliminating the use of specific channels. 

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Picture personalization has rapidly become a great new tool to capture a recipients attention through the use of direct mail or any types of marketing materials. Now, you have the availability to use your clients data and Tukaiz can incorporate it directly into an image making the final piece look incredibly realistic. The potential for this technology is limitless and the results are astounding! It is a new and powerful tool that is guaranteed to capture the attention of the end user. Try it for yourself and see the power of this great new feature.

The Anatomy of a Marketing Campaign

demo_anatomy.jpgWatch this brief demonstration of how 2 different marketing touch points; print and the internet, work together to give your clients a powerful, compelling marketing experience. See how direct mail works closely together with PURLS...(personalized URL's). Tukaiz has the ability to provide these services completely in house. We can also create a customized reporting page for you so you can track responses in real time from anywhere in the world by simply using an internet browser. Marketers are seeing increased rates of response and are delighted with the ability to track results in real time.

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Asset Management

demo_assetmngmt.jpgDuring this brief demo, you will see how easy it is to store and retrieve your assets using Tukaiz’ FTP and WebNative services. Now you have the power to upload, download and store your assets for projects you are working on. This great new process provides convenience to Art Directors, Creative Directors, Production Managers and Graphic Artists who need to use various images and graphics for marketing production materials.

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