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Big Data and Marketing in the New Year
Tuesday, December 16 2014

In the past year or two we have been hearing a lot about “big data”. As a marketer many of you have already incorporated it into your strategic initiatives or into the planning of your marketing efforts - according to the DMA Factbook, 54% have already started investing in big data marketing solutions. Even with so many already started there are still a number of hurdles for marketers to overcome before they can realize the full value of big data analytics in their day-to-day interactions with customers. So for 2015 we at Tuesdays with Tukaiz have highlighted a few challenges as well as a few considerations for marketers when utilizing big data to power your marketing campaigns for the year.

How Consumer Behavior in 2014 Affects 2015 Marketing
Tuesday, December 09 2014

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 are done, marketing lessons from the year in consumer behavior are long from over. During the holiday shopping blitz, Adobe Digital Index, part of CMO by Adobe, kept track of some of the major consumer behavior trends of the holiday shopping weekend. While the metrics released focused on retail marketing, these concepts can travel across all disciplines and are good signals of how marketers can prepare themselves for customer behavioral shifts in 2015.   

Twitter Tries to Raise Its Value to Advertisers
Tuesday, December 02 2014

Last November, Twitter released their public IPO to much fan fair, and even caused a 74% price surge in their stock the night before their Wall Street debut. However, the immediate sink in stock value the day after the IPO should have been a hint to many of the year to come—that the immediate price surge resulted in a long term under performance by the company for the 2014 year. So what is driving this decrease in valuation? The answer most likely lies in how Twitter handled the marketers and advertisers that drive revenue for the company. Unlike Facebook, who has consistently improved and developed more tools for marketers and advertisers beyond the standard pre-IPO Facebook fan page, Twitter has remained steady in their commitment to offer advertisers the same tools that they always have – that was until last week. 

Pass the Turkey with a Side of Holiday Marketing
Tuesday, November 25 2014

Here at Tuesdays with Tukaiz, all of our readers know the passion that we have for the end of the year marketing and holiday push. Thanksgiving-time is the point in the year when we not only give thanks, but, as marketers, are planning our investments for 2015 or ramping up our strategies for the impending holiday season. More often than not, we get caught up in the best ways to “sell, sell, sell” to our clients, and rarely reflect on how our brands and clients can be more than a “Black Friday deal.” Because of this, we are seeing a growing trend: marketers who are taking a step back and offering a more humanizing message of their brand during the holiday season are seeing a positive return on their investment. Outlined below are a few tips to give your brand a more humanizing edge during the holiday season, which will likely drive those end-of-the-year investments we all strongly seek.

Gearing Up Early for the Holiday, the Digital Marketing Boom
Tuesday, November 18 2014

If you have ventured out to your local shopping mall in the past week, you may have noticed the familiar sound of holiday music playing over the stores’ speakers. While many consumers feel that it is too early to get into the holiday spirit, most retail marketers have been in the stages of holiday marketing initiatives since June or July this year. Despite in-store sales still making up the majority of sales this holiday season, digital and mobile sales are expected to be higher than ever before. According to Adobe, this month and next are expected to account for approximately 27% of total online sales for the year with the average consumer spending $248 online during November and December. 

Understanding Different Industries and their Marketing Spend
Tuesday, November 11 2014

As a marketer in an agency setting it is especially important to establish a solid business strategy that drives results when targeting a specific vertical market for a client. In order to complete this task and show leadership in a vertical market, profiling the industry of focus is imperative to identify and qualify the highest ROI and define route-to-revenue strategies and the product and service offerings that drive compelling customer value and financial ROI. One way of doing this is gaining a better understanding of preferred media spending within various vertical. InfoTrends has completed research on several different vertical markets by surveying over 1,000 media buyers to better understand how service providers and agencies can meet the needs of these various industries. Highlighted below are some of the market verticals that yielded the most interesting results.

Know Your Rules: Social Media Myths to Avoid
Tuesday, November 04 2014

Social media as a means for communicating marketing messaging is a non-negotiable when it comes to reaching consumers. There are endless software solutions available in the market created to schedule, track, automate, and tell marketers what social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest) and messaging are the best for their business and intended audience. However, these solutions that are used to provide optimal social media outreach are often just not enough for marketers, and they choose instead to go with their gut. As a result of this “gut feeling,” there are several myths that have cropped up around best practices for social media that a recent study by software vendor Radium One has proven are quite false. Let’s take a look at a few of these myths and how to avoid them.

NFC Arrives: Apple Pay Bursts on to the Scene
Tuesday, October 28 2014

In early September, Apple held their annual iPhone event to assorted fanfare. However, the new iPhones might have been the least important announcement CEO Tim Cook made that day. Certainly, many would agree that the next iteration of a mobile Internet device pales in comparison to a full-fledged mobile payment system. That, of course, is Apple Pay. Following the big announcement, reporters had the opportunity to test the system out and were impressed. This past week, Apple Pay was officially launched. Other than a few hiccups, the burgeoning payment paradigm holds incredible promise. 

Salesforce Brings Their A-Game for Cloud Based Analytics
Tuesday, October 21 2014

In September, chief executive and co-founder Marc Benioff gave the marketing world a major hint of what to expect from the October Dreamforce  conference that was held last week in San Francisco: Analytics. The Benioff tweet in question previewed an agenda for 2014 Dreamforce that noted a big product reveal, hinting at an analytics cloud. The tweet became major news across the Internet and marketing community as it hinted that might expand their enterprise marketing software suite, further enabling salesforces around the world and entering into a new software technology. Flash forward to today and Salesforce “Wave” is now available and ready for use. While this is the next step in’s evolution, it has immediate effects for marketers and their sales teams. 

Implications for Marketers from Graph Expo 2014
Tuesday, October 14 2014

About two weeks ago, print service providers, vendors, and other graphic arts professionals descended on Chicago’s McCormick Place for the annual, four-day Graph Expo event. In the past the show had focused on tools geared towards printers, however, in recent years the show has evolved to include marketing resource management, cross media, campaign management, and web-to-print solutions. While the target market for this event still remains print service providers, it is important for marketers to be aware of some of the tools and capabilities that are now available in the graphic arts industry.

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