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Digital Marketing Tips You Should Know
Tuesday, September 30 2014

The marketing budget season for 2015 is in full swing, and there have been countless conferences regarding new methods for reaching customers; it is important for marketers to assess their digital marketing strategies for the impending year. While research has shown that offline channels in 2015 will remain an important aspect of the 2015 budget, digital channels are expected to grow at a rate of 5.1% in the next few years. More than ever before, marketers need to be aware about the proper techniques for reaching customers in a digital space. We have outlined several key tips that every marketer can use to develop campaigns and grow business. 

What it means to Go Inbound: A Recap of HubSpot’s 2014 Inbound Conference
Tuesday, September 23 2014

The 2014 North American Marketing Software Investment Outlook by InfoTrends showed that marketers, more than ever, are concerned with purchasing marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. These software technologies have become essential to maintaining relationships with customers and seeing business grow. They are also two key elements that are critical for the execution of inbound marketing. Inbound is the process of developing quality content and marketing activities that draw customers in, rather than having marketers go out and get the attention of a customer. One software vendor that is considered to be one of the leaders of inbound marketing concepts is HubSpot (founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah wrote the book Inbound Marketing). Recently, HubSpot held their annual Inbound conference in Boston, hosting over 10,000 marketers for three days to learn about the importance of going inbound. 

It's That Time of Year Again:The Apple iPhone 6 Release Recap
Tuesday, September 16 2014

Last week on September 9th, Apple held their highly-anticipated event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, CA. Apple is an important company for marketers due to their hold on certain markets within the consumer electronics space, and last week’s announcements were no different. Tukaiz has compiled a list of important highlights from an Apple presentation that will surely have a hand in shaping the future of a few markets. 

Who Got an A+? The Best Back to School Campaigns of 2014
Tuesday, September 09 2014

It’s that time of year again; backpacks are being filled, school buses are a regular sight, and students are heading back to school. As the second largest retail season after the holiday season, back to school marks a critical time in the year for marketers in education and retail industries. For this year’s back to school season, marketers had to meet their prospective customers on the channels that customers are most using. Consumer shopping for back to school changed radically this year and will likely effect how marketers approach the holiday season, as well. This year saw an increase in web searches for “back to school” from 2013 and a move to shopping for supplies in an almost completely mobile environment. When it came to how brands handled these changes, there were some clear winners. 

Getting it Right: Social Media Messaging & Popularity Unlocked
Tuesday, September 02 2014
We often talk about social media optimization on Tuesdays with Tukaiz, but it is routinely difficult to garner traditional statistics for the media. Late last year, Pew Research Center released figures documenting social media popularity. The report found that 73% of adults use Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram to communicate. Facebook clocked in as the most popular at 1.19 billion users (or 71% of adults), with the other four falling closely behind. This information is useful, but it does not help quantify the relative strength of social networks when it comes to sharing. Collaborating with BuzzSumo, HubSpot set out to put concrete numbers to not only network sharing proclivity, but also sharing sentiment, publisher performance, and top buzzwords.
Marketing Automation: High Interest – Low Investment
Tuesday, August 26 2014

Marketing automation is the backbone of any data-driven marketing effort and represents one of the key pieces for the execution of campaigns.  Marketing automation technology helps marketers generate, score, nurture, and convert digital leads into sales. Lead generation is often done through content marketing in conjunction with search engine marketing & optimization. 

The Collaborative Economy and What it Means for Brands
Tuesday, August 19 2014

Consumers are making major changes in the way they operate and not only how they interact with brands across multiple channels. In many aspects of their lives, consumers are making their own path by participating in the collaborative economy. In the collaborative economy consumers don’t buy goods from big brands but buy pre-owned goods from eBay, they don’t own cars ,but rather share rides though Rideshare, and they especially don’t stay in hotels – why would they, when they can stay in someone’s home through Airbnb? Sharing is the New Buying, a research study completed by Crowd Companies earlier this year shows that the collaborative economy is on the upswing making up nearly 40% of the surveyed body, with most consumers looking to participate within this next year. The collaborative economy is taking hold and brands need to be ready to respond to these new tastes or else they may soon be left behind.

Market Research – it’s Easier than You Think
Tuesday, August 12 2014

It is no secret that marketing campaigns today require a data heavy approach. However, it is important to realize that not all data is created equal. For marketers to be truly effective in using data to trigger actions in a campaign, they must first do their research. The need for more market research is reflected in the higher demand for positions in marketing analytics and research, according to the DMA Statistical Fact Book. Whether a marketing department has made the investment in a new employee or not, it is time that marketers get savvy with market research. While the volume of data for market research has increased, executing a quick marketing research exercise still can be task that any department can complete—new research hires or not.

IBM and Apple Partner to Support Enterprise
Tuesday, August 05 2014

Apple has made a few industry-altering moves lately, but none more so than their recently announced partnership with IBM. Unlike the acquisition of Beats, the IBM partnership will truly shake up market segments that have been lagging behind compared to Apple’s other areas of focus: iPads and, to a lesser extent, enterprise. iPad sales have been largely stagnant this year compared to last, and while Apple routinely touts impressive enterprise statistics, there are areas of industry that the company has been unable to make headway in as of yet. Enter IBM. The global partnership will fortify those areas while each company capitalizes on the other’s strengths; the iPad, and tablets in general, are about to make a true push to become the primary computing device in a big way.

An Update on Gamification: New Developments and Strategies
Tuesday, July 29 2014

According to InfoTrends’ research, more than half of consumers use their smartphone to engage with apps for reading, playing games, and interacting with brands. While there are many methods to encourage engagement among consumers on this channel, one of the most prolific of the past year has been “gamification.” Gamification has also been a topic we have detailed heavily in the past here on Tuesdays with Tukaiz. And now that gamification has been around for a few years, marketers have had time to tweak strategies, create new methods of execution, and learn about what works and what does not. There have been some new and exciting developments in the gamification world that can be beneficial to marketers who are able to integrate them into their marketing strategy, some of which we have outlined below. 

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