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International Marketing – Adapting Your Brand for the Global Marketplace
Tuesday, March 03 2015
The Ford Motor Company is the quintessential American brand of the 20th century. From the Mustang to the F-150, Ford products are synonymous with the “American Dream.” But the company has also made its mark internationally. In 2014, it achieved record market share in Asia Pacific, with $589 million in pre-tax profit. Ford has come a long way from the Detroit assembly lines of the 20th century, and it represents the “American dream” for businesses much as consumers. For newer businesses trying to build their brand in international markets, there are many hurdles to success, but here are a few marketing lessons to help you succeed:
Recap: Valentine’s Day Marketing 2015
Tuesday, February 24 2015

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a major holiday for consumer spending. A study published by the National Retail Federation in late January forecasted that total spending would reach $18.9 billion this year. That means the average person would spend $142 on various gifts this year ($190 for men compared to $96 for women). Even pets would feel the love with $703 million in consumer spending. These numbers are a marketer’s dream.

Why Your next Big Campaign May Involve a YouTube Celebrity
Tuesday, February 17 2015

One of the biggest of areas of marketing spend is celebrity endorsement of a brand or product. From Beyoncé to LeBron James, celebrities are compensated millions of dollars to push a particular brand or product. However, if given the chance, would you spend $25,000 to have a Vine made by Jerome Jarre?  While many marketers may be asking who Jerome Jarre is, those who are social media-savvy are certainly nodding their heads “yes” because Jerome Jarre is one of the most successful Vine users ever with over 7.2 million followers. He is just one of many social media celebrities who have taken their personal social media accounts and successfully turned them into marketing vehicles. Because of this success, many companies are now looking for new product endorsements through social media.

Super Bowl XLIX: Continuing the Conversation
Tuesday, February 10 2015

Last year, we here at Tuesday with Tukaiz said that Super Bowl XLVIII was about “Extending the Conversation.” One of the common strategies noted was the use of sentimental themes, and that strategy was utilized even more this year. At the cost of $4.5 million for 30-seconds of air time, many advertisers attempted to tug at the emotional heartstrings of a collective 114.4 million U.S. viewers. NBC received a rating of 49.7—the highest in Super Bowl history—which good news for advertisers as they spent almost$500,000 more for 30- seconds this year than they did in 2014.

When Tech Companies Buy TV Networks
Tuesday, February 03 2015
It is no secret that video streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, have forever changed how we view television. While consumers have more control than ever before on what they watch, marketers are left to wonder what will become of one of the top channels for spend and reach. The struggle with the new way consumers take in TV is that not only do they have the ability to avoid advertising through recording and fast-forwarding programs, but they are also using multiple screens—meaning that on top of watching TV on a television, they often have a smartphone or tablet also running with alternative content. Having that many screens and content can be overwhelming for a marketer; however, marketers might soon have a new ally when it comes to keeping TV advertising on cable and it includes Silicone Valley heavy weights.
Facebook on Digital Publishing – What it means for Content Marketing
Tuesday, January 27 2015

Last year on Tuesdays with Tukaiz, we discussed the importance of using digital publishing as part of a content marketing strategy. This year will likely see most companies pick up the tool as a way to not only push content marketing, but for internal use, as well. According to InfoTrends, over 90% of enterprises (i.e., companies with 2,000+ employees) are looking to go digital for not only marketing publications, but also for internal documentation. The migration to digital publishing promises to be a swift one; however, one challenge with digital publishing is making sure that the content published can play into other marketing channels. One of the most critical channels for supplementing digital publications, especially for marketers in media, is social media. The ability for these two channels to work closely together is part of the reason social media giant Facebook has issued new tools geared towards the publisher.   

What Mobile Payments Mean in 2015
Tuesday, January 20 2015

Every January, InfoTrends’ Digital Marketing and Media service publishes their annual Road Map, a list of the top digital marketing and media software trends that will shape the coming year. Trends are determined by InfoTrends’ primary research and their research team, and while most of them will affect marketing vendors directly, the information provided is also important for marketers to be aware of. One key topic that should be at the top of mind for marketers is the role mobile will play in payments for 2015.

Major Trends from CES 2015
Tuesday, January 13 2015

Every year, techies, journalists, celebrities, and major tech influencers converge for one week in Las Vegas, Nevada to view the latest software and hardware that will define the future of the consumer electronics market. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most important trade shows for electronics worldwide, and is usually a good gauge for marketers on what types of technology consumers will be using for the calendar year. Each CES tends to have a theme or major trends that emerge from it, and this year was no different. From smart cars to virtual reality, there were several key advancements and announcements that proved to be standouts of the show. Here are some of the top trends we saw at CES that are sure to make and impact on marketers for 2015.

The New Year Calls for Bringing Marketing Operations Together
Tuesday, January 06 2015

In 2014, we saw three trends that helped to redefine the marketing landscape. The first was the shift of focusing marketers’ budgets on offline channels to digital. The second was that data became an even more important tool for measuring, targeting, and determining optimal audience engagement. The final trend was fragmentation. With so many new marketing channels and software solutions hitting the market so quickly in 2014, many marketing departments found themselves using multiple solutions, service providers, or teams to execute campaigns across multiple channels—resulting in silos of communication and data. Nevertheless, if marketers can help reverse this fragmentation trend, marketers can take advantage of huge amounts of previously untapped data to produce more effective actionable items. In addition, while many software vendors are attempting to bring “one stop shop” capabilities to marketers to combat fragmentation, it is important that marketers also look at fragmentation on the operational side, as well. 

Marketing Campaign Hits and Misses of 2014
Tuesday, December 23 2014

As the year comes to a close, we are reaching a time for reflection—not only personally, but for what marketing strategies worked for business this year. While no one’s marketing year can be totally perfect, success is more about learning how to use the tools available to marketers to reach consumers in an effective way. Marketers can always learn and prepare for the next year by looking at the successes and failures of their peers. In 2014, we saw the rise of the fully developed social media campaign, more effective use of big data, and more creativity from marketers in using digital channels for communication; 2015 promises to bring these innovations to the next level. To get the creative juices flowing for the coming year, Tukaiz has taken a look at two marketing hits of 2014 and two misses to help us ring in the New Year right!

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